Monday, 5 January 2009


One of Barbara's designs for Topshop

I have often daydreamed of browsing the big Biba store picking up deco inspired dresses, turbans and marabou feather Boas as I please, so upon hearing the news BARBARA HULANICKI is to design a collection for Topshop my day dream could become just a little bit real.

Here is the article featured in the telegraph magazine this weekend.

" Designed by Barbara Hulanicki of Biba fame, Topshop’s new designer collection includes body-con dresses and palazzo pants plastered with supersize animal prints; wide-leg catsuits with cutaway shoulders (a Hulanicki trademark), cute, printed silk chiffon blouses and three-quarter-sleeve suede jackets. Given that this is the woman behind the cult label largely considered to have defined the Swinging Sixties and louche Seventies, the collection looks set to rock the late Noughties. Barbara Hulanicki’s 20-piece collection will be available nationwide from April 20. Prices from £20-£120"

My mum owns a seventies Biba dress which is gorgeous but alas I am going to have to loose some weight if it's ever to fit me, I'll put some of my biba images up at a later date.

One plea I have is that I hope Topshop don't schrimp on the fabric quality as they often do with these collaberations.

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