Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Daily Drop Cap

You may have been reading my blog regularly and perhaps noticed some beautiful Capital letters adorning the front of my paragraphs. Unfortunately I didn't craft these myself, they are by the wonderfully talented Jessica Hische, who has created a blog called Daily Drop Cap, each day she publishes a new hand crafted decorative Capital letter for anyone out there to use in there blogs. I love the idea and intend to use them in the near future. Check out the blog here: Daily Drop Cap

Dazed Decade Drawn Out

My entry to the Dazed and Confused competition 'Dazed Decade Drawn Out'. Slightly different style to usual but I really enjoyed doing it, might try more like this!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Felt Mistress


heck out the Felt Mistresses brilliant creations, I love the girl with the blue skin. I'm even more inspired to make my own dolls!

Faile @ Lazarides Gallery


popped into the Lazarides Gallery in Soho at lunch today to see the Faile exhibition that has just started. I was very impressed, above are some dodgy pics from my iphone, I'm hoping to pop into the other Lazarides galley to see the rest of their work.