Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Curvy 5

I have been waiting ages to tell everyone I got into Curvy 5, an annual publication of female graphic designers and illustrators. It finally turned up on the doorstep today, I think it came out beginning of April but as it's an Australian publication it took a while to get here :-) Anyway I was so excited as I didn't even know which illustration of mine they were printing, I had submitted 3 illustrations to them, to my surprise they chose my 'Soar' illustration which was actually my third choice not that I'm not delighted, its just interesting to see other peoples favourite's. The book is great it features many amazing artists my favourites being Vitty B, Susan Belle, Marguerite Sauvage and Kukula. Get your own copy now, it might take a while to come but it's worth it :-)

Monday, 26 May 2008

Day out in Ramsgate

I spent half of my bank holiday weekend visiting my boyfriends mum and Kit in Ramsgate by the sea. I managed to get a few good pics, we visited this amazing junk shop 'Scotts' in Margate. I bought a lot of goodies including a Howard Holt Cat string dispenser, a scary porcelain poodle doll called Edward, a cutesy 1960s/70s print of a girl and a bird on canvas and a box full of vintage ribbons and trimmings. After spending a couple of joyous hours rummaging through 'Scott's' and 'Junk Deluxe (the really cool vintage shop in the basement of 'Scotts') we headed to the opening of the refurbished pier in Margate, there was quite a few people about for this, apparently its normally deserted. We then had a delicious lunch, yummy yummy chips and a mushroom burger in pitta at a seaside cafe, the best fish and chip shop in England is supposed to be in Ramsgate, haven't been yet but its on my list of things to try. Joe's mum Sue then took us to this amazing haberdashery shop in the centre of Ramsgate, it seemed like they hadn't changed their stock for 50 years, amazing vintage trimmings and buttons galore and downstairs a huge den of fabric all at £1.00 per meter I tell thee! 

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Grafuck 3

So this ones a little racier than usual but it is my entry for Grafuck 3, a book of erotic illustrations, design and photography from established and emerging international artists. I've been trying out a new style of colouring too, really trying to achieve a cross between vector and the airbrush style of Michael English. Click Image to see a larger version!