Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Winter Wonderland

It snowed on Monday and it was great! The most fun I had in ages and the most snow we've had in ages, in 18 years in fact. Joe and I ran down the streets to the park snow fighting along the way like big kids, when we got there we built a weird but cute snow bear, ours didn't compare to other peoples efforts though of perfectly smooth snow men with twigs for hair, leafy eyes and carrot noses, there was even a large group of people building a 10 ft snow man!

My Street

Snow dudes and dudettes

About to hurl a giant snowball

10ft Snowbeast


I dropped by the Hayward cafe to see Julie Verhoveven's latest exhibition Fannying Around. It was a colourful mass of portraits painted onto paper plates and silver spray painted pasta shapes, so childish yet sophisticated. Whilst there I tucked into a yummy Aubergine Curry and took in my surroundings. I tried to pick out my favourite plate but was unable to in the end as there was so many wonderful ones to choose from. Apparently the work was availiable for purchase but the girl in the shop knew nothing about it, I did consider slipping a plate off the wall for a few seconds, no one would notice would they?... anyway gave that idea a miss but I did take some great photo's to share.

Alan Aldridge Design Museum

I recently visited the Alan Aldridge exhibition at the Design Museum and I loved it. If I'm completely honest I wasn't so familiar with his name before but when I saw his work I was blown away. The exhibition was called the man with the kaleidoscope eyes, during the 1960's-70s Aldridge was dubbed the graphic entertainer Illustrating everything from Beatles song books to childrens books and album covers for the Who and Elton John. He was an Art Director at Penguin books  and illustrated the muched loved The Butterfly Ball, part of the exhibiton was a room of full sized illustrations from the book. Sadly it's finished now but I've posted some of the sneaky photo's I took.