Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I'm so excited and I just can't hide it..... The Barbara Hulanicki for TOPSHOP collection is due to launch next Tuesday, I've already picked out what I like, have you?
I just love the illustrations too.... and the fact that they've been used on the fabris. I bought all the Biba catalogues I could find on ebay for the gorgeous photo's and illustrations quite some time ago, was just a little bit gutted I missed Barbara's Illustration exhibition last year.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Girls of Summer

My latest illustration for a new magazine called 'Know', the theme is 'London Smiles when the Sun comes out'

ECO Labs - 6 degrees

I haven't been posting much this year mainly due to the fact that I have had so much work on. This project in particular took me over a month to complete. 

I was quite a hard task set by Eco labs.  The project is based on Mark Lynas' book 'Six degrees' which talks about what will happen to the world as it heats up degree by degree until it reaches the point of 6 degrees. Six artists were involved in the project including Jody Barton and Airside and I had to illustrated a world where the climate temperature had risen by 6 degrees. 

I decided to base my illustration on the painting 'The raft of Medusa' not only because it had historical context but also because of the despair and drama. 

6 degrees

Momiji t-shirts

A while ago, actually way back last year Momiji asked a bunch of illustrators to come up with idea's for Momiji t-shirts. I don't think the project went ahead, as they kept sending emails saying they were still deciding and since then have heard no more nor seen any t-shirts being produced but I thought I'd post my designs never the less as I was actually quite fond of them.