Saturday, 14 January 2012

Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories

've had a bit of a break from the old personal work front so I decided what better way to start the New Year than by entering the book illustration competition for Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber and other stories'.

It was quite a feat given I allowed myself only one week to produce all four illustrations. I went with a very simple graphical style given the amount of time I had and I actually really like the resulting style, I think I will carry on working and refining this way of illustrating.

The book itself consists of a fair few short stories, 'The Bloody Chamber is the main story and is loosely based on the fairy tale of 'Blue Beard', the other stories to be illustrated were 'Puss in Boots' and 'Company of Wolves'. I really enjoyed reading these reworked fairy tales and will be dipping into more Angela Carter books as a result. Here are my finished illustrations, each is accompanied by a short text caption from the story.

The Binding

The Bloody Chamber Book Binding layout

The Bloody Chamber

The very first key I picked out of that pile was, as ill fortune had it, the key to the room he had forbidden me

The Bloody Chamber

Instanter I draw my new boots on over the natty white stockings that terminate my hinder legs.

Puss In Boots

The Company of Wolves
See! Sweet and sound she sleeps in granny’s bed, between the paws of the tender wolf.

The Company Of Wolves