Sunday, 10 August 2008

I like Brown paper and Posca pens

Tim Walker – Pictures

I finally got round to visiting the Tim Walker - Pictures exhibition at the Design Museum featuring over 100 of his photo's. I loved it, so inspiring, so magical, I especially loved the intro monologue to the exhibition. This was displayed as a letter from him, describing how he loved to visit a fancy dress shop in Hammersmith near where he lived when he was a boy. He describes the shop as being owned by Turkish sisters and having rail upon rail of fantastical costumes that enter you into a dream world. Suddenly it all makes sense! Often I find artists inspiration and sketch books and so on just as interesting if not more than the final product. This exhibition really gives you an insight into the world of Tim Walker. The cabinets of his sketch books were my favourite:

The exhibition also featured some of the giant props he uses and a video featuring a photo shoot with the ethereal Karen Elson. How I would love to spend a day on one of his shoots, the whole operation just looks amazing, so many beautiful clothes, props, sets, it's almost incomprehensible, I would love someone to make a documentary on him.

And finally the Photo's, wanted to buy a print but the pics they had were my least favourite boo hoo... none the less I left feeling very inspired and as if I was leaving magical world full of toy's, giants, clowns and princesses!

Cancer sell charity event

Recently I attended the Cancer Sell charity event in Old St. It was a colleague at work who was helping out with the event who invited us. The event consisted of a bunch of street artists donating they're work for sale and auction with all the proceeds going to charity. Some of the artists included were Banksy and Copyright.

There was some really good work to buy prices from £20 up, which I thought was very bargainous! We bagged two paintings of mexican sugar skulls, I thought they were by the same artist but not so (maybe sugar skulls are the next big thing), the one with the baby blue background is by Please Flush' and the other by OGSF Familia.

Overall it was a great night and they made a load of money for charity. Here are some more pic's:

The next day I was feeling inspired and actually decided to do some painting myself. I decided to do a painting as a wedding gift for my friends Lloyd and Bengu. We went to Cas art and bought loads of art supplies including Posca pens which I now adore, so much easier than painting lines! Here's the result (Bengu's gonna hate me for putting this pic up but it's the only one I got before I gave it away, I'm in the middle).

Poster spotting

In my previous post I mentioned the poster I did for climate camp. I've now managed to spot a few out and about and the lovely Amelia from Amelia's magazine also sent me some pics of the ones she's been putting up. I would love to here if anyone else spots them, here are the ones I spotted....

ps. love how there always near rubbish bins hehe