Friday, 1 February 2008

Moleskin City

I bought myself a moleskin diary the other day to record all my ideas for my illustrations as I have too many, they especially seem to pop into my head when I'm walking about and by time I got home they've popped out of my head again doh! I'm loving it so far and there seems to be this whole communtiy online of moleskin diary users.

I stummbled accross this website this morning Moleskin City, it's awsome it has little video's exploring the diarys of some of my favourite designers and illustrators including Liselotte Watkins and Neasden Control Centre. There was an exhibition tour last year so I guess I'm finding out about this quite late but I thought I'd share seeing as there may be some other mole skin enthusiasts out there who don't know about this site, it's worth visiting for the video's alone. I'd like to make my own video when I've filled my moleskin :-) I want one of the city versions too, i saw them in a shop the other day but the 'London' version was all sold out and I can't exactly have New York or Berlin can I....

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